One-way sync Source Row URL issue

Hi, I use one-way sync google scripts to sync coda docs and today I found something weird. I ran the script and in the target table the script seemed to generate different Source Row URLs then before for each synced row.

This way I ended up with a duplication of rows in the target table because the script didn’t recognize the previously synced Source Row URLs. I thought I might have mixed up something but when I looked closer at the source row urls it turned out that the new URLS are very similar to the older ones (and pointing to the same row) but they have an additional 12 character part (eg. grid-oRIt38B) in the middle:


Have you bumped into this? Is there a change in the script I can make to make it able to recognize that these are the same rows not new ones?

Thanks, Zsolt

Hi Zsolt, we made this change as part of work to speed up the API when resolving browser URLs to objects in the API. Unfortunately it looks like this was a breaking change for you, as we didn’t expect users to rely on the browser URL to identify the row (the URL structure we use in the browser might be subject to such minor changes).

I would recommend using the row’s id or href instead, which won’t change over time. Sorry for the trouble!

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