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Picture should convey the problem. I have one or more detail views of the table. Open row says view does not exist. But it does. Basically have lots of columns and I am trying to use buttons to open for the view/data I need. In this case for eBay items sometimes I am entering the base info, sometimes the sale details, sometimes postage, etc. Currently doing this is Excel with a tabbed userform but I would like to switch over to coda.

Hey there Anthony! And welcome to the Coda Community.

In your screenshot you are attempting to type in the name given to the detail layout when you rather need to provide the name of the table view which is set to open to the targeted layout.

So in your case - whatever table is set to open in layoutPrice, provide that table name as the argument within your openRow() formula

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Hi @Anthony_Lehecka :blush: ! (And Welcome to the Community :partying_face: )

Yeah, OpenRow() is not the most intuitive Coda Formula :sweat_smile:

Because it took me some time to understand I literally needed to put the view of my table where the desired layout is applied as the 2nd optional parameter and just to illustrate what @Scott_Collier-Weir said, here is a quick sample :blush:

The formula in the Open Row - View 1 button actually looks like this :

Hope this helps :blush:

It’s answered, so I’m just chiming in to say the docs are incorrect and you cannot specify a layout name in there. You have to create views, set those different layouts on views, and use thisRow.OpenRow() with views.


Great to see such an active community. Thank you for the quick response.

It does and thank you for the quick response.

Just watched the video. Exactly what I was looking for.
Apologies for the multiple replies. For a second there was a coda popup saying I could reply to all at once, but that went away.

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