OpenRow View or Layout not Changing view

I have a button that will open a different expanded view layout when clicked. It was working a few days ago but no longer opens the new view, it just stays on the current expanded view. Clicking on the button from the table view will open the correct view, just not when coming from an expanded view.

OpenRow(thisRow,viewOrLayout:[Data Detailed View])

Normal Expanded View

After Clicking the “Open Favorite Foods” Button

At the top it shows the view should have changed noted by the “< back” but the view doesn’t actually show up. Not sure if this is just an issue on my end or not. Anyone have any tips?

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I am unsure what you really expected, but what I have done was:

  1. Group the data according to the Favorite Food/Drink

  2. Hide the unnecessary columns (including the Group column)


Just a few days ago I was able to go from

and then hit the “Open Favorite Drinks” button and bring up this view instead

I’m not sure why it stopped working recently

I know how to use grouping and the detailed view, but I have been using this feature of switching views for months and it just recently stopped working.

Where I can press a button to open a different view of the same table. When I press each of the buttons in the table, not from an expanded view, then the buttons will work. They just don’t work any more when I am in the expanded view and then hit the buttons.

Looks like they are working again now.

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