Table Layouts (expand a row)

By Layout I mean the “internal” form or the expand a row function. I have created several layouts on one table. Each layout is tied to a certain event type (lookup). I set buttons to “+ add Event” depending on the event type. Each type has some similar columns and they also have unique columns depending on what type the event is. For example: Catering type, Wine Dinner Type, Appointment type… I’m trying to open the correct layout depending on which button is pushed. It will always default to the last layout used. I can change the layout by going into edit mode, but my users cannot access that. Plus it is more usable to go directly to the form (layout) I’m trying to access.

I answered my own question. RunActions() is a useful formula for running multiple steps from a button push. This plus using the reference Last() seems to do the trick. If there is a more eloquent way of writing it please share.

RunActions(AddRow([All Events/Catering], [Events/Catering].[Event Type], “Wine Dinner”),OpenRow([Events/Catering].Last(),[View 3 of Events/Catering],“Modal”))

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