Custom action when expanding a row of a table

I think it would be a great enhancement if we were able to define a custom action to be executed when a user clicks the expand row button in a table, or when they click on a card in the card view.

I know we can create a button, but from a UX standpoint I’d like to drive an action when they expand the row without having to rely on the user remembering to click the button and not accidentally clicking the expand row button.

If it was possible to disable the expand row button, then it’s more feasible for me to use a custom button column.

Any helpnis greatly appreciated

Hey John, that’s a great suggestion! I’ll share it with the product team.

I personally make use of a button column and label it “” (which makes it blank) and add an icon for expand. I find when I make the button blue or green or something, it definitely draws enough attention. Plus, then I can chain multiple custom actions :slight_smile: I think my record is 4 actions as the user opens a row haha.


@Brian_Klein , Thanks for the response, and great suggestion. Ill give it a shot

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