Option for text fields: disable formatting

Currently all text fields support formatting - meaning bold, text color, font sizes, links, etc. However, for many fields this is not desired - all the field should contain is plain text.

It is way too easy to accidentally add formatting to a text field by copy&paste, and then it is not trivial to notice that it has happened, or to remove it. I’ve lived with so many Excel / Google Spreadsheet documents where every other line is just a tad bit different height because somebody copied the value from some form which had a different font, or text size, or background color. I myself am quite careful to always use Ctrl-Shift-V to paste without formatting - but most of the users are not.

I don’t want the same mess happening in Coda - please!

A simple fix to this would be to add a new checkbox to the Text column options - disallow formatting - which would mean that all formatting is removed before saving the field value after a change.

This would also simplify the operation in the API - text fields where “disallow formatting” is set could be represented as plain strings even when using the rich formatting option in the API which results in those fields being represented as markdown. The “disallow formatting” flag should obviously be visible in the column descriptions in the API.

Additional bonus feature: Add also a checkbox “only one line”, which prevents the insertion of newline characters in to the field (or strips them before saving the changed value).


I wish I could vote 100 times for this item. I have an order tracker for my Amazon orders. Almost daily I copy and paste the Amazon order number and Link to the order into my doc. Then I have to highlight everything and remove the left justification, the bullet list and the color. It’s annoying. If I could tell the field not to paste format into this field that would be GREAT! I noticed on the Canvas there is now a little blue box that allows me to do something with the format when pasting. If that was an option inside a Text field that would be fantastic!