A Text-only box like Airtable

Hi there! One feature Airtable has that Coda sadly seems to miss is I would like text boxes to ONLY store text… no formatting, links, images, nothing… just text. This way when I copy paste something it doesn’t come in as H1, or bolded, or as a link.

If you want to copy something without markup, try cmd+shift+v or ctrl+shift+v instead. It removes all markup. Does that help? This isn’t a Coda feature by the way, but something in your OS.

I think what @Kamilla_Foler misses is the automatic sanitization of pasted content without the worry of doing the sanitation through the keyboard. There is a lot users have to think about, and content sanitation to rapidly copy/paste strings that may (or may not) include hidden characters that can make a mess, is not one of them.

So, I get it; however… one aspect that makes Coda so great is its ability to lean into rich text, not away from it. Airtable does this by separating the field types; one for plain text (single line) data and another for multi-line data with or without rich text formatting. They’re meeting the users half way on this point, but Coda is steadfast and unlikely to add the complexity of a field type just to make it sanitize conveniently.

The Remedy

A Pack that supports a sanitized column formula. Calling all Pack Makers - if you have this feature or plans to build it, @Kamilla_Foler will gladly beta test it. :wink: If no one comes forth, it’s a sign - you need to learn how to build your first Pack and in it will be one key line of javascript - the one that removes all HTML tags like this:

text.replace(/<[^>]*>/g, '');

If you take the steps to build this, it will change everything you know about Coda and perceived limitations will begin to vanish.

Hi @Kamilla_Foler,

how about the following: You create one column called “Paste Text here”, which will serve as your repository for pasting text you retrieve as formatted text from some other source. And then, you’ll have a second column, which takes that first column and appends it with .totext(). This removes all formatting from the text.

You can then either copy and paste the non-formatted text, or you can access it formulaically.

Might this be a useful path for you? See screenshot below.