Option to turn off “You updated other views” notifications

This notification pops up all the time while I’m editing my data schema and formatting, and it’s distracting.

@Andrei_Kharlanov has asked about this in How to turn off “You updated other views” notifications?, but it seems there is no setting to turn it off, so I am requesting one.

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That would be a nice option to have!
As a temporary solution you can insert some CSS with a plugin such as this one: User CSS - Chrome Web Store

This CSS will remove the whole box, including for when buttons are clicked:

div[data-coda-ui-id="snackbar"] {
  display: none;

Remember to turn it on!

I’ve got an idea to make experimental fixes like this easier to activate, I just need Coda to answer me: A CSS injector browser plugin for Coda

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