Organising a school band competition in Coda?

Hi all.

I am volunteering for a school brass band I used to be the conductor for. The band is organising an annual local competition for school bands. This year I would like to move them over to Coda for band sign-ups and also publish the program online.

What I am looking to solve:

  • The participants need to log in to be able to sign up so that they can only see their own information (filtering by current user?)
  • The participants should be able to edit/update information such as the program content (which is added in a separate table), preferably in a Form view or Details view
  • Publish relevant information from each participant in a publicly available program showing when each band is playing, the band name, and full program info
  • The published program should also be easily accessible on a smartphone for the audience

I understand that pages in a doc can be accessed even if they are hidden, regardless of the plan (currently using Pro). Is this correct?
In order to avoid participants potentially having access to other pages in the doc would it make sense to use cross-doc? If yes, is it possible to update cross-doc both ways, meaning that the participant can update the info but the organiser can also update the same info?

I know this is a lot, but I am hoping to be able to use Coda for this and also save the band from spending money on a third-party app that they have been using the last few years.