Our first Coda puzzle set - what should we do next?

For those of you who don’t know, a few weeks ago we decided to take an internal puzzle challenge out into the world - and had an awesome response from our users!

We think we’re on to something here, but we’re curious your thoughts. What did you think of the puzzle challenge? What types of puzzles would you like to see next?


Hey there!

Puzzles are great and I want more!
Concerning the types of puzzles, any challenge would fill me with joy :rofl::star_struck:


Seeing all the different permutations of the solution from users filled us with joy! :tada:

Have you found any useful implementations of the blinking table or emoji slider in your working docs @tomavatars?

@evan I used blinking tables to welcome beta users in the shared doc :smile:
And I often used emoji sliders to add a mood to priority of tasks.


Awesome @tomavatars ! I really like the “mood” field for project updates. Have seen that a few times now - another fun one is setting health (feeds my Zelda tendencies):


Wow! Never though of this even if I make video games. I’ll steal it to you thanks!
I’ll have to imagine more fun things like this ^^

I made a doc where I keep track of the books I read/am reading/want to read, and I used the emoji slider to give a star rating to the books I read. I also added to the code so that if I haven’t actually read the book yet, it shows ‘N/A’ where the stars would be, no matter what the slider on that book says :grin:

I can’t wait for the next puzzle!