Outline menu in mobile app

Hello everyone !!

it will be great if we can display the outline (sidebar on the right of the page) but also on the mobile version of the page.

like a sort of menu that could open and close in order to better navigate the page.

because this “outline” functionality in the option pages really provides a great way to create a menu and facilitates navigation.

Any idea ?!

It already does in the Coda app. Published version can also have the outline if you enable the top navigation bar.

WOuld this help?

thanks for your answer, but on a published doc when I visit it on desktop the outline and pages menu are visible but when I use a browser or the app on my phone I only see the pages, not the outline inside the page…

I see what you mean after I tested it. This is only working in the App for the moment. It’s indeed confusing because there is a Mobile sidebar option which, however, is effective only for the Coda app:

In fact, I would classify this as a bug because the description here implies that this is how it’s supposed to look on mobile, regardless of whether it’s on the app or in the browser.

… it would be great to implement a real way to create a kind of menu on top or navigation inside a page for the mobile version… and have more options to customize published docs.

Coda is such a powerful tool you can create a real experience for an app

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