Pack suggestion - Google sheets


Would love to be able to pull information in from Google sheets.

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You can embed sheets or paste them in. But the formulas are never at row/record level. Its always A$1. Being able to sync data entry columns such as goffice does with its form fields would be good.

Embedding a live goffice form (no formulas) beside an embedded sheets results table (with cell level formulas) for instance or an embedded google pivot report view. Might all be possible anyway

As is it stops you doing multistep calculations as they can get big fast. Similarly more than 5k records is underpowered. Think of it as a free IFTTT DB not a paid zapier. Shallow powerful multiformat OLE with (I assume) minimal server side prerendering. Storage is cheap, processes are not.
I want graphenes free DB layer but its API does not look like it syncs. I should check its UI API to see if it has reports

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