Page duplication creating table instead of views

I have a PRD template which is often duplicated by other members of the team to write a PRD doc for a certain task. This template also has a Sentiment tracker [Table] which has a button [Add your sentimet] attached to it.

The issue is that since so many people are duplicating the page, everytime a new Sentiment “Table” is being created. This has led to sentiment table to be created 500+ times in total, causing doc slowness, loading time has increased and the entire efficiency of the doc has gone down.

Is there a way i can configure this template doc so that on every duplication, a VIEW of the Sentiment Tracker Table is created instead of a TABLE?

What do you mean with template? If it is not a Coda template, but simply a page or set of pages, you can use the duplicatePage formula in a button, and set the option to duplicate the table.

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