Page tags/labels like in Confluence?


My org uses Coda as knowledge base, and we would like to have functionality akin to Confluence’s: add labels to a page, and, by selecting a label, display a list of pages having the same label across all documents in area (“space” in Confluence).

Has anyone tried to do this? What alternatives do I have, other that creating a hideous table with a million connected views? :slight_smile:


Please help me understand, why would you call the table hideous?

Using the table approach arguably gives you more flexibility. You can use other page links or canvas columns in the table to store the basic table information.

And then you can have structured tags, e.g.
Tag: Economics, sub tags: Micro, macro
Tag: Biology sub tags: fungi, mammals

And you can even set up a tag to belong to more than one category:
Economics: Punctuated Equilibrium
Biology: Punctuated equilibrium.

If properly set-up, the drop down for sub-tags will only show the tags relevant to the main tag. If you use multiple main tags, it can show all the sub-tags related to all the main tags entered.

You can then have a “power query” page to interrogate your pages in the table, and for frequently used tags/ combinations of tags, have a dedicated page.

It’s just a ramble…
Rambling Pete

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Hi Pete! I probably haven’t mastered Coda enough to understand the ideal data structure in this case, but I imagine I would have to add a view of the “index” table to every page I’d like to label, and in my use case there are literally thousands of them… If only labels were pre-configured metadata field like author.

Why have thousands of pages for all labels and not a single (or few) views with a filter?

How do you find the page that you are looking for, when you have thousands of pages?

It’s not like thousands of pages for labels, it’s a rich knowledge base, thousands pages of literal content, each of them had a few labels back in Confluence… And yes, with that much content its hard to find anything in Coda :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s the important part of the task… :wink:

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