Passing down attribute from Trigger to Campaign to Milestone- Multi-level lookup

I have a 3-level structure where the final level has attributes defined at the 1st level.

In the end, I need to be able to Filter the Milestones based on these attributes that are passed down from the original Trigger level.

I have tried using Interactive Filters, just filters in the sidebar; I’ve tried setting the columns all as Lookup Tables to the original table with the selectable options, or as Text. Nothing has worked.

Let’s call these 3 levels of table Triggers which lead to Campaigns which contain Milestones. An example situation would be email marketing software where you can have multiple Triggers that will feed into the same Campaign, and each Campaign could send one or more emails.

For example, a Trigger can have a Store attribute (which Store(s) the Trigger is for). So the Store column in the tables for Campaigns and Milestones are defined by a lookup to the Trigger(s) that are behind them.

But I just can’t get these lookups/select lists to work.

I’ve set up the full structure using sample data here. Trigger Campaign Milestone