Seeking help with lookup column filter

I need to shift these tasks from one column to another (From ‘Approached them via’ to ‘Approached’ to ‘Received response’ to ‘Goodie sent’). By shifting, I mean removing the task from last column and making it appear in the next column.
Each column (each stage) can have multiple tasks any point of time. I am not sure if lookup is the feature I should be using for this but as per my imagination lookup is something that is getting near to it.

Is there a way to filter the columns in such a way that, in the selection list, I’ll get only those tasks that are present in the previous column (stage).
For example, I can convert ‘Goodie sent’ column into lookup column where I’d get a list of tasks that I can add to the column but I need only those tasks in the selection list that are in its previous column i.e. in ‘Received response’ column. As tasks can’t directly jump to the last stage. How do I achieve this?

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