PDF Exporter is not working

The PDF exporter won’t allow more than a page of document to export. It doesn’t matter which page size Iuse to export to A4, Letter or even A0.


I got the same problem, long pages do not export entierly but only the part visible on screen (one pdf page).
Same problem on firefox and opera, for one page or the whole doc.
Is there a solution or is it just temporary?


We’ve seen these reports from a few people now and it does look like a bug.

It’s logged in our tracker and the team will be looking into it.


I think it’s fixed now.
Thank you!

Actually, not quite fixed yet.

I’ve noticed that it’s now not justifying the content dow the left hand side correctly, and some of the text is being dropped off the side.

For me it’s the right side getting chopped. The page width for this page is Wide and size Full

Yes, sorry, right hand side, exactly the same issue as you. Any sentence longer than the pdf page width is cropped, not justified to the next line.


Previously, Coda allowed a very crooked way to get printouts or pdf files. You know, extra blank pages, weirdly formatted documents and other inconsistencies. Now this feature is completely broken. This situation is forgivable when you use the product for free, but for commercial use it is unacceptable.

Can you tell me when to expect this situation to be fixed, and whether it will be possible to quickly and easily print a document or get a pdf file?

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Looks like the cut-off on right margin situation is fixed for me :slight_smile: