Print/PDF export only generates half a page

Since yesterday I am not able to print/export to PDF my documents anymore. Only the first half page of the 20 pages documents is being rendered. I’ve restarted, updates OS, tried in Safari/Chrome, nothing changes.
I’ve tried cmd+P and the 3 dots next to the page with the “export to PDF” option with the same result.
I’ve done this many dozens times before without any problem, but it just doesn’t work anymore, which is annoying, because these documents are sold to clients…
I work on OSX 13.4.1 on an Apple macbook Pro 14inch 2021 with M1 Pro chip and 32 GB RAM. No other apps open.


It is a bug @Pieter-Jan_Ardies and Coda is informed and will be working on it as of today.
Cheers, Christiaan

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Thank you @Christiaan_Huizer , hope it’s solved soon.

Same thing here, @Pieter-Jan_Ardies!
Two days ago I saw this at a doc that a colleague exports regularly and today I’ve got the same thing on another doc - the page is cropped.
I’ve tried so many different approaches to overcome this, but the funny thing is that I can’t even use screen capture extension to have a print of the whole page - it just crops.

Need this back ASAP

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Any news yet?
After almost a week it still doesn’t work.

I am not representing Coda support, I suggest you contact them directly
Others noticed improvements in the print behavior and i understand why print (to pdf) is so important.
cheers, Christiaan

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Hey Pieter,

Seems like this bug has been fixed now, can you refresh the doc and try again?

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Yes! Earlier today I tried without refreshing, but after refreshing it works again indeed.
Thanks for the fix

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