Percent Labels on Y axis


I have a chart with all x values as percentages.

I want to have y axis labels display as percentages as well but it just displays decimal numbers like 0.15 instead of 15%

Is there any way to customize labels on the Y axis?

Hi @ozgur_deniz_onur,

Currently, there isn’t a way to have the labels read as percentages. One workaround is to create a column and make it a formula, [Your original data] * 100 , and if you name that column Percentages % , then you’ll have the look you’re going for.

I know, it would be better to have that taken care of in the chart itself, we just don’t have have it yet. It’s in our notes though!


Thank you for the reply. However when I have more than one series I cant set the vertical axis label. The column labels are shown on a legend rather than as a vertical axis title. Is there a way to set the vertical axis title in this case?


There isn’t a way to do that currently.

We have seen this question come up, so it’s noted and just waiting for us to be able to get to it.