How do I get chart values to match table values?

Attaching a screenshot that exemplifies the issue I’m having. I have table with column values “3.11,” “3.12,” “4.0,” and “5.0.” The column is a text column.

When I create a chart from this table, it lists the column values as “3.5,” 4," 4.5," etc. How do I get the horizontal axis on the chart to list the exact values from the table column I’ve selected. It seems to be interpreting them as numbers, and also against some formula that I can’t find where it’s defined.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi there @Ryan_Gilbert :blush:

I’m not sure if this will solve your problem but could you try to create another Text field and add this formula :


Then use that new text field for the horizontal axis instead of your field [Sprint] ? :blush:

I got the inspiration in this post below :blush: :

Apparently, even though your [Sprint] field is already a Text field, the numbers in it are still interpreted as numbers so the charts creates a scale instead of keeping the text.

@Pch thanks for the suggestion! I tried it, but unfortunately, the chart still refers to that new text field as numbers.

I’ll admit :innocent: , I tried that with percents and not x.y numbers… and the problem seems to be the . (point) as a separator.

It actually works if you use a , (comma).

After trying a few quick things, as long as there is a . (point) for some reasons, the chart doesn’t carry through the Text format.

@coda_team : This might be something to put on the list of “might someday be improved” :innocent: :blush:

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This has to do with the fact that you are asking for a line chart. A line chart needs a logical set of numbers on the horizontal axis. Make it a bar chart and you will see that the horizontal labels are exactly as they are in your table. And it will still show the progress of your bugs completed.

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Yep :blush: !
But I still thinks charts will need some improvements at some point :blush:.