Performance of large table vs multiple smaller?

In a doc I’m building I am wondering about performance:

If I have one large databas table of 10-20,000 rows and I keep this hidden, will performance suffer? I plan to have many pages that load different views of the same table, but never all the data from that table. Is that large table a performance drain even if it’s never shown in full? Is the whole thing getting loaded every time the doc is opened?

Or would I be better off having smaller table specific to the views? On that note , are all of the small tables loaded every time as well? Or just on a page by page basis?

Managing it is a lot easier with a large table, and makes my mysql querying and integromat scenarios much simpler to manage. But if it’s going to give a big performance hit then it’s something I guess I need to decide on

From my understanding once you hit 10,000+ rows performance does decrease a bit. If you have calculating columns based on another value that calculation will run across the entire column each time to need to run the calculation and in my experience youll see the calculating message for up to 1 minute at times.

It sounds like you should still go the larger table route. Some of the coda educational videos discuss how to design schema and big table with smaller views of the same table is the way to go.

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