Personal Interactive Controls - getting round a limitation?

Hey all,
I’ve been somewhat enthused with the personal interactive controls that coda have implemented. This has got around a whole system of controls that I created on a user by user basis in the past.

But as I’m rebuilding our management system, I might have come up against a pretty big limitation… though chances are I’m missing something obvious rather than it being an oversight. This is where you come in - to help me see what was intended / if there’s an easier solution etc.

For my new version of my doc, I am trying to use the new personal canvas control to set a project to view - which means each user can view a “detail” view of any project. Great.

However, our projects are quite complex, and there’s at least 6 different views of the project database which I need to be able to jump between (this is far more efficient than scrolling down one giant view)

In the past I’ve done this with buttons on a menu for each user, and then each page (with its own view of projects) has the control for which project you are viewing.

This is what that looks like - its just a row of a table - one row for each person and you just view your own row. See my “project selector” at the right (done the old way)

I’d REALLY love to implement this using the new personal control select. And it works great if you only have one page. But no matter what I try, I can’t seem to have a second copy (view) of the selector on a second page or third page. Is this correct?

And if it is a limitation, is there any way of connecting multiple selectors together, so if you change one, the others change (and still allow the user to self select)

Of course - I can implement my old work around again if necessary, but I’d rather not. Its kinda klunky compared to the coda system - and I’m trying super hard to keep my new version of the doc as lean / logical as possible.

Hey again Brendan, would love to see this in action and talk through it with you. Would you want to give me permission to the doc, or even better we could set up a call?

PM sent. Its not the easiest thing to explain so will give you access to the old and new docs.
When I finish building, I’m very happy to strip out all our business specific things and have it as a template for others to use. Its not EASY to use these kinds of work arounds, but once you get your head around the data structure, it allows for very powerful multi-user docs.

Prototyping still right now - but you can see the idea here.
I have a menu of 4 tabs (which hi light depending on which one you are on) - and each user can select which project they are looking at (the same project appears in different views of different tables across the different tabs)

Right now, this doesn’t seem possible with personal interactive controls. It can only be done with user-helper tables (one row per user)

It also means that if you make a tiny change to the look and feel of the menu, you have to re-build each view of the menu manually to match - which takes a bunch of time. I’ve got a few shortcuts for it, but its not exactly seemless.

Still - its great for final user usability.

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