Phone app updating with old data

OK. I finally found the reason my client was having data overwritten by old data. It seems if users are using the phone app and they keep it open and are offline, once they connect, it will overwrite the data with their updates even if their updates are based on old information.

I’ve asked Coda how to resolve this and they offered to solutions.

So I’m wondering if @Paul_Danyliuk or @Scott_Collier-Weir might know of some hidden formula or some tricky way to prevent this.

The issue is, people accept assignments. We had one user who’s data was 10 days old they had been offline for that long with the app open (presumably) and they accepted something someone else already accepted. So once they came back online, the first person got booted off the assignment and the other user stole it from them.

Anyone have any ideas how I can prevent a user from clicking a button if they are offline or if their data is old?

I did put a warning on the top of the page with the last modified date/time of data in the table, but many users English is not their first language so I’m not sure if they read all the information or not and that relies on the honor system.

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