Place a hard page return

Does anyone know a trick to placing a hard page return so that when a page is printed the text following the hard return automatically goes to a new page? Like CTRL+ENTER in Word and other programs. I have searched every for a way to do this.

Hi Reed,

Could you elaborate on what it is that you are printing? A cell in a table, a table, a page? Where in the process should the hard return be placed?



Here was my response to a Coda employee via chat:

One of the main reasons I switched from Notion to Coda was because of the ability to print pages with just a few clicks. Coda is so much better, but there still his a big gap between Coda and a full fledged word processor. I know it is not meant to be that, but a hard page break would be nice.

I use Coda, among other things, for my side business as in expert witness in hematology/oncology (blood and cancer). I have 3 databases (tables) for this – one of cases, one of attorneys, and one of law firms; they are all linked together. Your help section and videos helped immensely with this. For each case there is a page too. As I review a case, I take notes on the page for a timeline, my thoughts as I proceed through the case, and references. At the end I need to write a report to send to the attorney. This needs to look great as it may end up in court, and I need to look good to my client and the attorney’s client.

Currently, I copy and paste all the information into Word in order to format it and print the report. If I had a hard page break, I could just start the report below all of my notes, press control P and print, starting with the page after the hard page break. Easy as pie. This is a 2 out of 4 need, I guess. I can keep cutting and pasting into Word, I could create a sub page of a sub page for the report and use a split screen approach to work with my notes and my report at the same time. Maybe that would be superior, but still sometimes in a document you want to start a new section on a new page. It seems like it would be pretty easy to do, given all of the other magical stuff you guys have created.


hi, an available pack may be nice for your use case. I attach the links.

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