Plugins or other Internet-Enabled AI for Coda 4.0?

Kudos on the introduction of Coda 4.0 - what an amazing new set of features!

A while back when AI was new to Coda I inquired about the ability to use plugins or some other method to add Internet access to AI; this would dramatically increase the potential uses of AI in Coda by allowing for regular update of AI responses. At that time it was only possible by adding the capability through a custom Pack or similar workarounds.

It looks like Coda 4.0 still does not have Internet/plugin access. Even worse - I fear that the highly touted “free AI” approach the Coda team has promoted with zeal is a bad omen. If AI is free, then I fear Coda will never have native internet-enabled AI because that would probably only be feasible economically if the user pays for the AI (such as with an OpenAI API key).

As much as Coda 4.0 seems amazing, the inability to natively/easily utilize Internet-connected AI queries is an immense missing feature. Without Internet access, AI is basically an editor or idea generator; with Internet access, it becomes a tool to access all sorts of regularly updating data. The distinction is immense.

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Yes. I’m on trial now, and I totally need option to summarize Internet articles without my physical effort of copying them and then importing it.
I don’t like the idea of going manually to website like to summarize some long article or scientific paper by only pasting URL.
Does anyone know if Coda is planning to integrate feature of live Internet sources importing via link?

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Perfect example of the sort of use case I am suggesting

The AI is not free…there are a small amount of included credits and then they start charging.

Unfortunately, for my type of creative work, this is actually a dealbreaker because it’s too much effort to use two or three different applications.
also the idea how I can write in Coda is really superb, but it would be really excellent if I could have all these apps for editing, grammar, and Text analysis in one application.

Are you aware of the browser extension that allows you to “save” a URL to your doc?

No, how does it work?
Also, I noticed that on iPad, where I mainly work, I don’t use PC or laptop, the chat usage is necessary of keyboard shortcuts for starting AI inside the document, so it is not possible, maybe I would have to have external keyboard, but I don’t want that, so it seems that coda actually Isn’t very usable on iPad because it relies on keyboard shortcuts for some actions?

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