Policy Delivery, Management and Training in Coda

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Has anyone seen or built something in Coda that will enable me to effectively manage the lifcycle of company policies and be able to track when someone has read them + where possible provide some sort of training around them too.

I need a scalable approach that could work for 2000+ people and I’m trying to work out if this is something I can build in Coda or if I need to use a specific policy management software solution.

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How important is strict confidentiality around users being able to figure out which other users have read which policies?

Coda could be very helpful for this, but there’s kind of a presumption that all users of a doc can access all data in it. You can hide things a bit, but not in a way a determined moderately tech-savvy user couldn’t get around.

[One caveat to what I’m saying: strict info siloing IS possible across separate docs. Typically this would be hard to scale (a doc per employee), but @Paul_Danyliuk may have some ideas about how to automate this. I keep meaning to try his Sync Tables Pro pack which could be relevant here]

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Hi Scott

Three very different questions… :wink:

  1. Managing policy lifecycles
    Yes, very possible. And several different ways to go about it, depending on how detailed you’re requirements are. Most crude, is simply using Coda versions, but you can get very detailed using tables.

  2. Check whether somebody has read them
    It all depends on whether you want to auto record, or whether the people need to confirm.
    If the people need to confirm, it is very simple, the Coda Dory template does exactly that. To automatically track is not available at the lower levels, but I believe there is something in the enterprise pack.

  3. Training
    It depends what you mean with “training”, and whether the training is on the policy content, or Coda itself. Either way, Coda is not going to give you much in the way of recording videos, but displaying them in various ways, I e. Through a sequence, or searching with a filter, is right up Coda’s alley.

The short answer, is yes. But it all depends on EXACTLY what it is that you want to do.

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I do LOVE this question.

Wondering if we have done any whiteboarding of the structure of this yet?

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