Possibility to share sections of a Doc

I’m working on a document where it would be beneficial for me to be able to share certain sections with specific users. Essentially what I would like to do is limit complexity as much as possible for collaborators. This also has the benefit of limiting the risk that a user mistakenly edits a config-section or reference table that should be left alone.


I agree this would be very helpful.

Another use case would be where the “Master” document serves as a complete database and writing platform, then the author wishes to write an article and share only that article and relevant data but not the entire database.


This would very helpful.

Good idea @Richard_Kaplan

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Coda already replied to a nearly identical request. See the post here:

Please reply to coda’s response there and let them know how useful this feature would be:

Is there any progress on this. I bumped into Coda and while looking on the features , I got a feeling that its a Panacea. Many Many things can be done. And then Started working on it and realized that almost every solution requires some sort of ‘Partial’ Sharing of the document without sharing everything with everyone.

Every solution I am thinking, that’s the only feature that is becoming the bottleneck, I am surprised that there is little demand for this feature to be honest.

For Project Management, How do I just share the Individual tasks with the individual members rather than a whole table, How do i share CRM information related to a particular customer without sharing the complete doc with him.

The workaround involving Zaps are messy. What am I missing ?

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Hi @Puneet_Khurana,

An effective way to only surface the tasks or items assigned to one person from a table of multiple tasks with multiple owners is to set the filter to show only tasks where = user(). When you add ‘user()’ to the filter, Coda sends in the ID of the person viewing that table and shows only their tasks. This also has the benefit of letting many people look at one section at once, and only see their tasks. The table will show dynamically for every one of those people concurrently.

Regarding your second use case, could you elaborate a bit more? What type of information and in what format would you be sharing with an external party?