Possible to get Sync Table current state? (fetching/idle)

I have a sync table with many rows (1000 or more), from which I am calculating various statistics and plotting the data on a chart:

My pack generates the data using the parameters in the callout box on the left, combined with some randomness - so a user would likely change the settings and click “Generate” many times during a session.

But when the table is syncing, I do not get a clean transition to the next dataset. My charts and my formula calculations flicker and recalculate as the new data arrives. Due to the size of the dataset, this can take a while.

I would like to create a true/false property in my doc that knows the current sync status. If syncing=true, I can then tell all of my formulas to show up as blank until it’s complete, and the user experience would feel much more solid.

Is this possible?

Oh wait. I’ve just figured out a solution, turns out I just needed to ask my question out loud to think it through properly :sweat_smile:

I will update a datetime property in my doc whenever the user clicks the sync button.

My sync table will then return it’s data along with an additional datetime column (the time of the response from the pack)

If the datetime string of a sync table row is before the sync button was last clicked, then I know the dataset is stale. I can then hide everything I need to hide until the new data arrives.

haha love it @TradeRunner ! Thanks for letting us know you found a solution and great job :raised_hands:

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