Toggle off "REFRESH" for sync tables

I’ve mentioned it before, but I need to make some more noise about this issue


Please let us toggle off that refresh button, just like we can toggle away the search bar


There are some great updates going on in the Pack world, but one update I do not love is the ever-present refresh button above pack tables

Yes, it’s nice to have it visible to refresh your data. But there are SO many times when a user of a doc doesn’t need to refresh the data, or really even be aware of the fact that the table is a sync table.

Take this screenshot for example, What was once a beautiful layout is now cluttered with weird and un-necessary refresh buttons. Erghhh.


Yep. I have lots of use cases where something is technically a sync table under the hood, but when displayed to my users, it shouldn’t appear that way.

E.g. Org-wide data like a directory of colleagues, that needs to be cross-doced into various documents. I then use this table as the basis for the per-user control table pattern.

Totally agree, dug up a related discussion here:

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