Prefilled forms formatting Canvas columns

I realise that published forms can include pre-filled parameters in the URL.

The form has a canvas column for adding notes. I can prefill text in here, however I can’t figure out how to format the text. For example adding headers or checkboxes etc.

For example, adding “# example h1 tag” into the url parameter doesn’t work:
i.e. :

Any help is appreciated.


Hey there!

This is a great question :thinking:

Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a good way to accomplish this because whatever you add to the end of your URL will be sent as plain text.

I also don’t think markdown would work either in this case, because “#%20Hello” would most likely result in “# hello” instead of the intended H1 “Hello”.

That being said, happy to take this down as a feature request for you - being able to include formatted, pre-filled parameters in forms. If you’d like to go that route, I have a few short questions I can send you so I can properly track your interest in our feature request tracker :smiley:


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