Preventing "Hyperlink Opened" popup from closing Modal View

Hi! Wondering if anyone knows how to prevent the “hyperlink opened” popup, which appears after you click a linked button, from closing the Modal View completely when you close the popup.

Here’s what’s happening. Many thanks in advance! :pray:



Hiya @Keith_Punches Did you find a way around that?

With the Activate() formula you can pop open the row without getting the hyperlink notification

If you want to open a row from a different table check this post:

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Thanks for jumping in Saul. However, I was refering to the original post about avoiding the “hyperlink opened” popup which is kind of annoying when embedding a doc.

Hi @Stefan_Stoyanov. Apologies for my (very) belated reply. The Coda team has fixed this. If you open your button’s properties, and go all the way to the bottom, you’ll see where you can turn on/off button alerts.