Remove link to master table from modal

Wondering if anyone has a solution to this. I make extensive list of UI locking and hidden pages to keep users from accessing certain pages of data. That said, I can’t seem to remove the hyperlink to the master table from a modal view (in the upper left of the screen cap below). Obviously, if a user sees this, they’re inclined to click on it, and then they’re taken to the page with the base table, even if it’s hidden. This is confusing UX, in addition to negating whatever measures I’ve taken to tuck certain data out of view. Anyone have a solution?

Hey there,

I feel your pain - I have many documents that have sensitive information in them and I have to go to great strides to protect it from users. In this case, as you cannot to my knowledge remove that link to the master table, I would take the following steps to limit access to that tables information:

  • Collaps the table itself
  • Ensure the table is far down on the actual canvas so it can’t be seen unless scrolled to
  • Place a filter on the table where user()=yourself so (so even if they scroll down and uncollapse the table they won’t see the row data
  • Place a button / hyperlink card on the top of that page to help guide them back to a page they should be on

Not ideal at all - and really wish we could hide that link - but the above steps should help keep users from at least viewing data in the master table

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How do you open your modal?

If through a button action, you can replace Activate() with OpenRow() to open the popup from a current view (or any arbitrary view of that table if you specify one as a parameter). The link will still be there but it will link to the view you selected, not the base table.

If through a hover on a lookup chip, then unfortunately the popup will always be for the base table. The most you can do is set a filter on those base tables to filter all rows from being visible. E.g. you could make a named formula isAdmin that would only return true if that’s you looking at the doc, and use that as a filter. That way all users will see blank lists of rows, and you’ll see a full base table unfiltered.

Neither are true security measures though.


Thanks for the advice, @Paul_Danyliuk! I make extensive use of the OpenRow( ) action where possible. (Pretty sure it was one of your posts that first turned me on to that, so thank you.) That said, my struggle is when someone is opening a modal from a card view. Would be nice if we could control the default behavior on those. (I.e. toggle a setting for which modal view we want to be shown for a given card listing.)

All great suggestions. Thank you!