Preview: Cross-doc Plus (codenamed) — My opinionated take on Cross-doc

@Paul_Danyliuk This is a critical tool, thank you for making it! What are your current plans for updates?

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I keep getting no results found on the trial :frowning: I have Coda Pro not Team is that affecting why no tables are showing up?

Well, at least the connection works, so that’s not the problem.

The pack requires you to specifically make VIEWS whose names start with [OUT]. This is how you signal to the pack that this data is explicitly made “exportable” — the pack will not read from other tables or views from that doc.

@yscias — in your case there could be some hiccups with the connection you’re using for the pack. Another client had the same issue and the way to fix this was to… delete the connection and create a new one like this:

Oh, I didn’t realize, that’s 100% on me. Since then I have figured out what I wanted to do using just regular Cross-Doc but I will keep in mind for future.