Printing with new Quick Nav Enabled

When you try to print Coda page with new Quick Nav enabled this is what happens:

Basicly Quick Nav is getting printed over the page content.
And I cant find way to remove it without first disabling Nav, Printing, and enabling it after again, which is far from ideal :slight_smile :slight_smile:
As we have quite a few workflows that involve printing from Coda (which is kinda hard to effectively use anyway), now its impossible to use Quick Nav and be able to print or generate PDF.

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I have noticed the same and contacted support, but Coda could not replicate the problem.

I could not replicate it myself on my other computer or on my laptop, which makes me think it is a browser issue (Chrome), but while using Edge I have the same thing.

So, computer issue? Printer driver? Win 10?

It sure is annoying, all my pdf’s look like crap now when printing/pdf’ing from my main computer.


I did some quick testing and it looks like its a Chromium issue (as it happens in both Chrome and Edge, but it didn’t manifest on Firefox, although I only tried once on Fox didn’t have time for some long testing - that should be done by Coda people anyway I guess XD ).
And I find it strange they couldn’t reproduce it as it happens on 4-5 different computers in our company on Edge/Chrome. Didn’t test Firefox on other computers, I might do it later if i get time.

I have done a windows update (even though I am pretty current) and this problem has disappeared. I am not sure if this coincides with changes on the Coda platform or that doing some computer maintenance took care of this.

Well looks like its fixed for us also, although in our case I don’t think its Windows Update since I don’t think we did any in meantime.
Kinda wish we had some official feedback on this, if its fixed by Coda or its result of windows/chromium update in meantime

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