Privileged content for select users behind a login?

Medium-time lurker, first-time asker. I’m looking to privilege a page (or even just a table on the page) to a select group of users not in my organization. The group (+/- 100 people) is pretty consistently changing, so I don’t want to have to specify specific users.

The ideal solution (I think?) is to set up a login in front of the page, but previous threads here lead me to believe this is not possible…

Is there a Codan on a white horse who can ride down from on high and deliver a solution? If not, a noble community member with thoughts on a cunning hack?

Consider this also an audition! I have a lot of demand (and org budget!) for other things of this nature…

Thank you all in advance!

Hey Ben,

You can hide content from certain users but you cannot ensure security on anything in your doc. If the doc is shared with a particular person even with read only privileges, consider that the whole doc is shared for them to copy and explore. The only way to make sure that only part of the doc is shared with someone is to sync that part to a separate doc with crossdoc and share that other doc.

Otherwise you can set up filters on your tables and use something like the DB Flows pattern to manage who can see what. I also talk about this more in the 1st part of my Best Practices Showcase series.

Oh, and welcome to the Community! :wave:


this is as true as it can be and still it amazes me…