Problem getting custom filters on select lists to stick (bug? user error?)

Hi there!

Recorded a video, easier to show than tell - thanks for the help!


Hi there @Andrew_Mason :blush: !

I tried on my own and I can confirm that effectively, when trying to apply a custom filter on an interactive filter (as I guess this is what your select control on the canvas is), the custom filter doesn’t stick (I’m not sure why though, except that sometimes, you effectively need to hardcode somewhere the filters you want to apply).

But, there are ways to go around this :blush: !

The first one would be to use a formula in the Filter options of your table, something like :

[This Column].matches(InteractiveFilter) AND [This Column].Team = [Editor]

But that’s not very practical considering the long list of teams you’ve got in your video :blush:.

Now, what you could do, it to create 2 controls on the canvas :

One linked to your Team table, where the options are those appropriate teams and the second one where the options would be pre-filtered by the first one :blush: and use this one as an interactive filter for your table :blush: .

Here is an example, just in case I’m not clear enough (didn’t have enough coffee yet :coffee: :innocent:)

And I hope I didn’t got your problem wrong though :innocent: .

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