[Product Beta Recruitment] Typography

Hi everyone, thank you for all for the feedback about the new typography. We are excited to make an update that will allow you to choose between line break sizes:

In a cell:

  • Enter → submit (unchanged)
  • Shift + Enter → hard line break (unchanged)
  • Option (Mac) or Alt (PC) + Enter → soft line break (new behavior)

On the canvas:

  • Enter → hard line break (unchanged)
  • Shift + Enter → soft line break (new behavior)

Now, you can use these to create the desired spacing in your beautiful docs. Thank you again for the feedback and for being a Maker!


Thanks for that update! Line breaks are really important.

Out of interest I just tested if you can now create line breaks also for headings. The answer is - yes, but only with a little trick. Maybe this can be smoothed out in the future.

If you have just created a heading and the cursor is at the end of the heading, pressing Shift + Enter will not create a line break (thus a new line) for the heading.

However, if you place the cursor at the beginning of the heading and then press the Shift + Enter key shortcut, you will create a second line above the heading where you can insert text.

Now you have two lines for a heading, which you can edit as you like and even create more lines if you wish (now in the usual way).

Generally speaking: If you do not place the cursor at the end, but at any other place of the heading, then the line break with Shift + Enter works.


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