Property Management Tool for independent house/condo managers


Most of the instructions are on the Read Me section of the doc, but here’s a few bullet points about the tool:

The audience for this tool is real estate property managers. This tool helps property and condo managers do the following:

  • Keep track of monthly rental income and expenses
  • Creates a net income owner report which you can send to the landlord or owner
  • Know when to send monthly net income reports based on a rental income received flag
  • Know net income to transfer to your client (landlord)

:point_right: COPY THE DOC here :point_left:

I had been manually creating income/expense reports in Excel and would send a PDF to the landlord for their respective properties. As you scale beyond 5-10 properties, this system can get pretty messy if you are not centralizing the data in one workbook. By using Coda, I can centralize all the data and use controls to select the property I want to build a report for. My goal was to create a well-formatted report with borders and fill colors like this one below, but the formatting tools are not quite there yet in Coda. The current layout in Coda is sufficient for my clients.

@Lucas_Branchesi is this similar to what you are building (from this thread)?


Indeed I have rough alfa functionality on the same premises -but I must say really less softisticate than Al’s.

I have been a little bit focused on something else, but I plan to upgrade my work and share it with you guys.