Public Document Sharing: The $64 Million Question

Do you mean “bottom” literally? That would be great. For me it shows up right at the top

Hey Richard, I’m not quite sure what you mean by right at the top. This is how the embed appears for me at the moment:

Can you verify if it looks the same for you? If not, can you please share a screenshot of what you’re referring to? Thanks!

Hi Angad

I am referring to the top line saying “Enjoying the template?”…

Separate question - do you know why the app no longer automatically retrieves the title of a hyperlink. Losing that feature is a supreme disappointment; it was such a wonderfully elegant and useful detail which defined Coda for me.

Hi Richard, I think the screenshot you shared might be the old experience. The new embedded experience that we are designing will look more like this:

I’m not sure why we removed the title retrieval feature that you mentioned but I believe our old implementation was not great and I know we’re planning to rebuild it to be better at some point.

[quote=“Angad, post:24, topic:3635”]
Hi Richard, I think the screenshot you shared might be the old experience. The new embedded experience that we are designing will look more like this: [/quote]

Actually both parts are there now

The part I showed you - where the interface interrupts at the very top center of the document - occurs when the user activates a control or otherwise edits the document. This seems to be a very intrusive location for an alert that cannot be silenced with an X.

No - The old implementation was positively terrrific. This is an enormous loss of a key distinctive feature. Coda is all about sharing and linking information. Automatically downloading the title of a hyperlink was an incredibly useful feature. Please return it really soon - not “someday”. Thank you.

@Richard_Kaplan- the team is aware about the frustration around the removal of the title of a hyperlink. There were reasons to remove it ( esp around perf) and we have plan on looking into it again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I followed the steps to embed a Coda doc, but the iframe stays blank and I receive this JS console message (I replaced the "docid with my real doc ID I got with the extractor tool):

Refused to display '' in a frame because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "frame-ancestors 'self' * *".

Any idea why I get this error message?


Thanks for the bug report… can you clarify which browser you experienced this embed issue in? Also, what was the URL where you were hosting the iframe embed?

One note from our experience on this… it looks like the permissions changing breaks the API. When I tried this for one of our docs, we could no longer get any data added via the API, even though we got success codes.

Is it possible to link to a section of the document within the iframe? Links work within the iframe, but I cannot link from externally directly to a specific section of the document using the iframe.

Hey Peter, looks like that may have actually been a red herring. We made a change on our end a few days ago that caused the API to hang with specific date-like values, including those used in some of your docs. We’ll have a fix in tomorrow, at which point your docs should automatically catch up with the data you were sending (we’ll be keeping an eye out). Sorry for the trouble!

EDIT: the fix made it in and these docs have all caught up with the API requests.

Thank you Oleg, it’s good to know the features are not incompatible! Very glad you found the bug.

FYI - we soft-launched our new sharing functionality today. Here’s the note!


New sharing function looks great - thanks!

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I’m getting the same message. Chrome, and the file is stored locally on my computer.

Tal - do you happen to have an embed inside the Coda doc you are embedding? If so, this is an issue we’re working on fixing now.

Hi Alex,
I don’t have an embed in the doc.

Hey @Richard_Kaplan

We just added a new feature that brings back the “Title” functionality, and a lot more :slight_smile:

Let us know what you think!

Hi @Angad

Excellent excellent implementation


Many thanks

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Thank you. Glad you like it!