Why I Can't use this for Work (Yet)

Hi there,

I really love how this works after I’ve wrapped my head around it. There’s two reasons why I can’t use this for work yet:

  1. Anyone that you share access with can copy your document. This is the BIG ISSUE at the moment, and could be quickly resolved by a setting on the document itself “Only allow the owner to make copies of this document.”

  2. A google account is required. This makes it a very hard sell for a number of people, especially those who use Apple products.

I COULD at least try to convince my work to use this if problem #1 is resolved, which is a much easier thing to resolve than #2.

Thanks a million!

Thomas Markiw

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Hi @Thomas_M, thanks for the feedback! With regards to #1, is the reason you don’t want others to copy a doc due to the fact there is sensitive information in that doc? Perhaps you can create a separate doc that just contains the sensitive data, and another doc that can be shared with your team, and connect the two via the API?

I didn’t think of that! I’ll have to look into it and give it a try. Thanks.

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Sure, let me know if you need help with your docs as you build them out!

I feel like the questions raised at the begining are not all fully answered.
I’m in love with Coda after only two days tinkering with but no way my company will allow the usage of google services.
For company interested in buying your tool, will you have other options ?
Best regards

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