Public Pages/Sections

We are creating a wiki for the company and would like to share some pages/sections with mentors, investors and clients, but not the whole wiki.

I would like to have the ability to create a public link of a page/section that would not expose the whole wiki.

Note that I would like the link was available to anyone, not just people I invite to Coda. This is specially helpful to share the roadmap with clients, since I don’t want to force them to login to a new system (that would create too much friction).


hi @Raul_San_N.H, we use a cloud function and the coda api to provision coda docs that are part of the same group of docs. i can share with you if you’re interested. i’m also building a wiki using the nested hierarchy for projects/tasks. seems like a not bad way to go but am open to a more elegant design.

Hi @dion , I actually need to create permission access. Hierarchy section between folder could you help me ?