Publishing to the Web, questions

I made some tries publishing my pages to the Web and I have a few questions.

  • First, I designed all pages to be with a black background and on my tablet and my phone everything is with the white background on all web browsers.

  • On the tablet, I have a “Create an account to edit” that come onto the cover image.
    How can I suppress this message?
    Th site is not in English and messages from Coda cannot be localized (or we can?)

  • Same thing with the left navigation Menu that appears on the tablet .
    I spent lot of time looking if I had forgotten to uncheck any options somewhere but it looks like I don’t…

  • On the phone I got a menu too with pages that are not ready to be published.
    I’m surprised that all pages seems to be published…
    I thought only the ones I wanted to publish would be?!
    Is there any way to change that ?

I’m certainly forgetting some other things, but it would already be great if I could address those issues.


Hi, after a lot of tests I see where the problem of getting a white background is.
It seems pages’ properties are loaded when a user login into the site.
I don’t see if there is a way to have this property applied all the time but…
If I could create an internal user and automatically login it when someone arrive on my site/page it would be okay too…
It’s because I have a few fields into a table that people need to interreact with like in a form excepted that forms doesn’t allow me to put all kind of things I need into…

Maybe someone could tell me if there are other ways to achieve this, addressing the problem of the background being white (something that could run when the page is loaded and put the background in black?) or having something hidden that would login an internal user created to represent “Users from the Web”…

Any other ideas ?

Hey @Anthony_Fernandez_Ferrandiz! Jen here from Coda. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. This option isn’t available right now but I’ve added your vote and the additional context to our feature request tracker, which our product team regularly reviews. Should this feature be built, we’ll be sure to notify you. Sorry we don’t have a better option at this current time.

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Hey there!

To have the “not ready to be published pages” not appear, simply hide them in the main document. If they are hidden in your document, they will not appear in the published version

To have the whole “create an account to edit” disabled, you should do the following:

  • Put the doc in play-mode
  • Turn off the ability to copy the doc

It should then not have any of those options

Heres a coda site I have published that only shows YOU a single page (despite there being at least 5 pages total in the doc), and theres no ‘create an account to edit’ dialogue either

Its also available on a custom domain! You should be able to get pretty far with what you’re looking to do

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Hi Scott,
This could be help but you’re agree we do not have to do this kind of things with a pro applications?
That’s not at all my idea of what should be a program I paid. Spending my time looking into communities discussions about an hypothetic “how to”…

Coda doesn’t provide a way to localize everything appearing in various places in English
I’m in Spain and my visitors will come on my site not to learn English nor to learn computer sciences…
I don’t even understand why the “Sign in” process of CODA drive people directly to the Workspace (by now i have an error saying “Not enough permission…” when i test it) and not to a direction we could chose.

I’m currently testing the Team version but asked myself if the Enterprise version would allow me to bypass all those problems that make me lost so much time…

The non-localizable thing is a major problem and here again, don’t really understand why a product with so much people using it is not ready for “at least”, allowing users to translate it themselves…


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