Pulling in data for specific column from multiple tables

New to Coda and trying to pull in data to a specific column in one table from multiple separate tables. Not sure if this is possible.

For context, I am creating a primary stakeholder management table and I want to be able to pull the ‘Name’ data from 3 separate tables - Leadership, Peers, Skip Level. Each of these 3 tables have a ‘Name’ column with respective stakeholder’s names. I can currently get it to pull from one of these tables but cannot figure out how to lookup from all 3 tables.

Any help is appreciated, many thanks.

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Hi Vinh,

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I recommend that you merge those 3 tables into a single People table. Then you use a column to determine whether the person is a Leader, Peer, or Skip.



I realize that is an option but I wanted to keep these tables seperate as they will get very big. Yes, I understand I can create filters too, however, the ideal approach is to have seperate subpages with each table in them. Is this possible?

How big is very big? Teens of thousands of rows?

Yes, it is possible. But it leads to your original question. It makes it difficult to get the same kind of information from three different tables.

Why are three tables in subpages more ideal than three views on subpages?


I get that it is difficult. Can someone here offer some actual advice how I could do this?

Hi, @Vinh_Chau. I think @Piet_Strydom advice was a very good one and you should stick to it.
Still Coda offers good help bellow to best design your schema:

I agree with @Piet_Strydom and @Breno_Nunes that a people table you reference in the rest is the way forward. However you seem to a motivation to things differently. Here you go

Maybe this works for you, cheers, Christiaan


hi @Vinh_Chau , I did not hear back from you. Would you be so kind to share some feedback?

Cheers, Christiaan

@Christiaan_Huizer Thanks for the recommendation and follow-up.

I am able to get all the tables combined via the ListCombine function, however, when I try to pull all this information into the main able, the names are all showing up as one big group. I don’t quite follow the first 2 screenshots on how I can choose to select a individual name from this aggregated list.

hi @Vinh_Chau , thanks for responding
you should set the column as select list, that is step one and in the select list menu you bring the tables together. I hope this works, I cannot make it more clear than this, sorry.
enjoy your weekend, cheers, christiaan

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This worked perfectly. Thank you @Christiaan_Huizer!

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