Put the text from a .txt file into a column

The Google Drive Pack allows me to have a table of all files in a given folder. That’s great! What I would LOVE is this: If the file is a .txt file, put the text of that file into a Text column. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do that?

My use case: I have lots of voice memos and AI-generated transcripts, which I save as .txt files in Google Drive. I would love to use generative-AI (eg, ChatGPT) to summarize the text, suggest a title for the file, list action items, etc.

I did a quick experiment a few weeks ago, cleaned it up a little and published it for you!

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This is great, does it only work for txt files?

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Should work for most files! :slight_smile:

Rickard, you wonderful human, thank you!!! I didn’t realize there was a Pack already. Thank you for making it and telling me about it!

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