Google Drive Pack - Add Description Column


I’m reviewing Coda to help streamline some of our customer service operations. I feel it could be useful to help us log a change log which notifies everyone on the team of any updates, run our daily checklist, and impose some structure on our growing Google Drive.

We use tags in the description field of Google Drive to help us better organise files and make them quickly discoverable. It would be useful to have the description field available as a column in Coda so that we could filter Coda Google Drive tables by these tags.

Is this something that can be grabbed through Googe Drive’s API and available to show in Coda?

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According to Google Drive’s API reference, yes, this metadata field is exposed for a file: Files  |  Google Drive API  |  Google Developers

Great. Keen to hear from the Coda team about making this a column option.

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Any chance of getting this integrated into the Google Drive Pack team Coda?