Radar Chart - google data studio embedding


I need to visualize data like in a radar chart.

I first thought of sending the data from coda to a google sheet and then from a google sheet to google data studio and then back to coda (by embedding the data studio report). Everything is working fine except the last step. Embedding only works for graphs made by Google, not graphs made by the community.

Therefore I’m looking for ideas how to visualize data with a radar chart (or similar). If this would be possible directly in coda, it would be even better of course but I think I have to use an external tool to create the radar chart.

Anyone have an idea? :smiley:

Thank you!

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Hi @Samuel_Dedeurwaerdere :slight_smile:
We have already had this discussion here

And yes we all need more graphs, and radar’s are really important because it can show you many many “columns” of values of the same row, but as you can read in the linked post, no roadmap has been given by coda, but as you will know coda have been founded with some $$$ lately, so probably they are gonna take seriously some core part of coda (like graphs) and start investing real man power in those!
p.s. as seen as graphs are made using a third party provider, it should be easy to add new ones!

i’m with you in this, let’s turn coda into a real app maker!!!

thanks for your answer. Yes I’m looking forward to this feature.

In the meantime I found that I can render SVG directly in coda.
Maybe I can use the same logic as explained here to make a radar chart:

if anyone can help me implement a radar chart with 8 inputs using a SVG that would be great!!

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Same problem for me, i’ve tried 2/3 times to resolve the radar svg in coda but no luck anytime, there are a lot of calculi to place things in the right place.
Try, and if you are able to, share :)))

Yep, took up this exercise. Adding text labels is left as an exercise to the readers :slight_smile:

Also, Trig:: uses API calls — that’s how packs work (server-side execution only). Because of this, the doc takes quite some time to recalculate sines/cosines when you add or remove chart points — it makes round trips to the Coda backend instead of calculating it quickly right in the browser.

P.S. Doesn’t work with negative values. Left to the reader as well. This is just a demo how to approach the challenge in general.


This looks amazing Paul!
Can i add it to a doc, obviously giving you the credit?

Amazing!! Thank you so much

Of course @Mario, I publish these for anyone to use freely. You don’t have to ask my permission (unless you’re reselling this to e.g. a client of yours commercially; then I’d like some credit)

Happy to oblige @Samuel_Dedeurwaerdere


Thanks for this super add!
I could possibly “re-sell” it in future, so i’ll ask you again later on and we will find a good way to credit your superpower :heart_eyes:
In the meantime it will be “dev only”
Thanks again :blue_heart:

Amazing, @Paul_Danyliuk! :trophy:

It is the list of my projects but I have never really seriously started.

Great job: I’ll take inspiration, as usual.

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Hey there, Paul. I stumbled on this example just today and it seems to be exactly what I need.

However when I import it into Coda, the SVG chart stops displaying. It’s just an empty box.

I’ll be the first admit I don’t know much about SVG, but I can HTML and I can’t figure out why I doesn’t work. Is there a pack or setting I need to enable? Has Coda changed how it handles SVG since 2020 when you posted this example? I’m stumped. TIA

My doc from the reply above still works for me, idk :person_shrugging:

Thank you for answering, Paul. I will try and rebuild it on my end to see where exactly it stops working. I still think there might be a setting or add-on that you have and I don’t. I wonder if others have the same problem?