Re-enable system printing dialog

Your printing is by page and that is NOT what I want. I have a page with dropdowns that display tables. I want to print a table or export as PDF the table only–which I can get with view full screen, with the current filter choices. There is currently no way to do this. Since the browser shows it the way I want it, please let me export it as pdf using the system dialog.


You are way too opinionated with too many technical limitations. Enough to force me to cancel my paid subscription and go back to Notion, with its peculiar limitations. At least they know how to print.

You can solve this by putting a view of the table on its own page, and just hiding the Title & Icon!

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Yes it works. Several extra steps. Why not do as people wish? A simple command “print as is…” would suffice. I suspect you think that printing is archaic and needn’t be done sensibly. Well, print as pdf is quite common for sharing with non-users and via email. Yes, Virginia–there is still email.

I should point out that copy and paste works great and fast. Since I just want something simple, nothing is simpler to capture what is displayed on the screen as is. Any destination with table support does a good job: formats superbly to Outlook, spreadsheets, Word, etc. From all of these except Outlook, it is a simple step to save/print as pdf.