Remove or Edit Headers/Footers when Printing

The Print feature combined with Save to PDF produces a really beautiful summary of a document.

Two questions to make this truly usable and stunning as a means of sharing a document with others:

(1) Is it possible to either remove or customize the automatic headers/footers?

(2) Is it possible to limit printing to only specific selected tables rather than only an all-tables option which appears to be used currently?

Before this I have not yet tried what a print-out or pdf version would look like.

After seeing this, I do agree. It does look pretty, but it would be nice to be able to define printable areas or at least get rid of the (pretty yet “unprofessional” frame).

and by the way, a quick request to the whole community: please always try to post examples (pictures) of what you actually mean. It’s so much more convenient to just see something in a post rather then try to reproduce it yourself!

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Agreed… example here - content looks great but header and footer detract from the rest…

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Agreed, it would be really useful to be able to save just the one section to pdf and have it format nicely for a more shareable format!

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I agree! I have doc that also contains multiple sections but there’s only one section that is the “monthly statement” view that I actually need to print to PDF. My current workaround is specifying in the Chrome print dialog to print only that certain page.

When you go in the Chrome print dialog, click on More Settings and then if you look at Options, you should be able to untick Headers and Footers.

Also, if you open a table in full screen view, you should be able to print just that table and nothing else that is on that sheet.

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