Print Section with the Section Header

Trying to print only a section with the formatted section header and do not want the browser’s header and footer. I tried printing the document and selecting pages, but it does not have the section header. How do I do this on a Chrome browser?

Dear @erwin_susara,

I am aware that printing is not the most easy.
Just NOT to waste paper, I select “print to *pdf” and start playing around to get it as good as possible.

*If only pdf is an option, having in mind to choose a bigger paper size (A3 instead of A4) in case you need more space

The “header / footer” the option settings should be unchecked


Thanks for your input! My workaround is to turn off “Show Header” under options for the header, paste the Section Header text, and set it to H1. I needed to reformat a bunch of documents, but it allows me to print one section with the title of the section header. I use this standard for all new documents now. Drawback is it leaves only H2 and H3 available for headings/sub-headings.