Recommendation for data extraction software into Coda?

Does anyone have a good software program for data extraction from various documents (i.e., invoices, receipts)? I’m currently using Veryfi to extract very detailed information into a Coda table, however, it’s only a temporary solution.

Looking to see what’s out there.


@Bill_French maybe?

I also made a pack for VeriFy as well in case it’s helpful

I have specifically avoided this because I just know that multi-modal AI is coming and it will obsolete anything I might craft.

Hi Scott,
I really need a better solution for extracting doc information. I created a scenario in Make that does this for me already. The extracted info is then used to rename the file that is also uploaded to Google Drive (i.e. 09282023_VendorName_Amount_CardEnding). The last step is to add this file as an attachment to an invoice/bill in Quickbooks.

Now, I haven’t explored data extraction from Quickbooks, since they already have the capabilities built-in using your phone. However, the file naming is non-existent. It’s also a repetitive task that can be automated. If I can do this in Make without using Veryfi, that would be great.

However, the problem for me is Verfi’s pricing…it goes from $0 free (with limitations of course) but the next tier up is $500. I don’t use any other features than the extracted information. I cant justify this cost. So I simply just create new emails once I hit the limit but that means I have re-enter all the api keys in Make.

I feel like this can be done/built in Coda and I would gladly subscribe to a pack. Any alternative solutions?


I agree. I’m kind of waiting to see what comes out. In the mean time, I have tons of paper work that I need to organize. Since it works, I’ll keep using it.

Hey Scott,
I just thought of something. I wonder if there could be Kick Starter for Coda packs. I’m not sure how it would be structured but user can fund packs that we really want built.

Just a thought…


This is a wonderful idea

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I don’t exactly understand your use case but perhaps my packs could be of use:

Hi Rickard,
Thanks for letting me know about these packs. I did try them out. I was able to get text back from an invoice pdf but not a receipt pdf. I’m not sure if I need to change a setting on my scanner (Epson RR-600W) or if it’s not possible.

Ultimately, what I’m trying to do is extract key information from a receipt (vendor, amount, transaction date, etc.) in order to rename the generic file name that is given (i.e., image.jpg, image1.jpg). Since I have quite a bit receipts, I don’t want to manually change filenames.


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